Metro 3D Picture  Newspaper, used Christmas cards; 2014   

Metro 3D Picture
Newspaper, used Christmas cards; 2014


I never made a 3D picture when I was young, but I am making them now. I am not making the banal, sentimental images my relatives made, the ones that described a world that does not really exist and where thought is constrained by floral motifs. I am using images of the real people and events that are casually strewn across the pages of badly printed newspapers. These are not made to decorate the walls of my house, nor do they come in kit-form. My 3D pictures are made of everyday life, through carefully chosen low quality images from a low quality publication, which manages to simultaneously sensationalise and trivialise human suffering. They are made in order to focus my attention on what those images really mean.

Images are cut from multiple copies of the 'Metro', mounted onto old Christmas and birthday cards, and carefully stuck together in layers to generate intimate spaces through depth and perspective.