Fictional Final Goal was a mixed-media installation, exhibited in 2015 at Marsden Woo Gallery. The theme of the work is the search for a feminised approach to social and cultural resistance. Throughout the media, resistance to dominant ideologies (Capitalism, Democracy, and Christianity) is most frequently enacted by male protagonists. FFG opposes the overtly masculinised mode of anarchist behaviour, typified in popular culture by films such as Fight Club (2001), with a collection of feminised – but not feminist – tools for daily resistance. Its aim is to conjure a world where one woman decides to ‘take arms’ against societal expectations: manufacturing the tools she needs for her small acts of rebellion. The woman signals her rejection of societal norms by manipulating familiar or ‘homely’ materials.

Individual works from the exhibition are listed in the main menu using [FFG].

Curated by Tessa Peters.

Installed with Joanne Wardrop.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Fictional Final Goal
14th Jan - 14th Feb 2015
Marsden Woo Gallery
23 Charlotte Road
London EC2A 3PB

Press Release: Marsden Woo
Interview: Crafts Magazine