Cliché  Silver, glass; 1997

Silver, glass; 1997

To celebrate 40 years of collecting contemporary craft objects, the UK Crafts Council developed an online exhibition using a selection of work from its archives. One of the selected pieces is a work made in 1997 called Cliché, which was acquired by the Crafts Council in 1998 following its inclusion in the exhibition NO PICNIC.

From the website: The exhibition features 40 works from the Collection, each selected by an invited commentator: These friends and colleagues of the Crafts Council have a personal and professional relationship with us and the Collection and consist of makers, curators, and critics, who have contributed a personal interpretation or response to their object of choice. The objects are showcased with supporting films, audio clips or previously unseen archive material.

To view all of the selected objects and for more information on the Crafts Council Collection and acquisition strategies see the 40:40 website.