Laura Potter

All work © 1997-2015


A selection of written outputs. Some are self-initiated, and some are contributions to larger projects or publications. Copies of printed publications can be obtained by emailing laurajpotter at hotmail dot com.

By Hand & Brain (2013) [opens weblink]
Visual essay on 'making', commissioned and published by Beeker Northam.

Sticky Fiction (2012) [link opens pdf]
Visual essay on how media images affect knowledge, written as part of DWFE Recreational Bombs project.

Goldweights of the 19th Century Australian Colonists (2011) [link opens pdf]
Illustrated catalogue detailing a possible system for weighing gold, produced to accompany artefacts of the same name. A self-published print version is also available.

My Life in a Sock Drawer (2007) [link opens pdf]
Written summary of research project exploring women's attachment to unworn jewellery.

The Unreal and the Nonfictional (2015) [cut-up essay]
Cannibalised text published in Multiplexer by Vehicles for Experimental Practice/Goldsmiths Design Department.
ISSN 20591543

Fictional Final Goal (2015) [book]
Self-published book to accompany FFG installation at Marsden Woo.
ISBN 9781326128685

Fantasy Antiques Roadshow (2014) [essay]
Exhibition essay published in Crafting Narrative, curated by Onkar Kular.
ISBN 9781903713426

LJP IUD (2000) [book]
Outcome of a research project exploring the notion that positive or negative attitudes towards a medical (intrauterine) device might be affected by aesthetic or physical qualities.
ISBN 0954654900