Laura Potter

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FFG: The Hay Wain

What I should do, as a sign of real commitment to domesticity, is embark upon one of those very large pieces; one that is taken from a famous old painting that everyone would recognise. Something highly detailed and complex, requiring such patience and dedication that my mother-in-law would no longer feel the need to buy me kits for banal flowery bookmarks. Obviously I will never complete something like this, but just owning the kit might be enough to appease her. She may not, however, be so easily fooled.

A large cross stitch pattern is cut into tiny individual strips and stuck back together with tape. The pattern is painstakingly reconfigured to reflect alternative versions of the 'ideal pastoral scene'. house no dog etc.jpg

No House, No Dog, No Car [1/6]

House, Dog, Car [2/6]

Skew [3/6]

The Hay Wain [construction detail]