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Craft Samples: Exhibition

Zoe Brand is a jeweller based in Australia. She runs a gallery from (one side of) her bedroom. Zoe explains:

I wanted a space that was about the ideas, not the need to sell the work, or to play it safe. I wanted to be able to call the shots, exhibit artists who were doing interesting work and projects, and who didn't perhaps always fit in the normal gallery/shop realm. I have chosen to locate it in a personal space, a place where you would normally store your jewellery after it is purchased and when it is not being worn. It seemed to me then that a bedroom, my bedroom was a perfectly sensible place to house such a gallery.

Read more about Zoe and the Personal Space Project.

In April 2015 the Personal Space Project was home to 38 of my unpicked embroidered brooches. Melbourne Jeweller wrote a lovely piece about the show.

Image © Zoe Brand