Laura Potter

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Image: Wooden Bender from "Obsoletely Fabulous" (Futurama, S4E14) aka "Craft Bender"


I have the skills of a jeweller, even when I am not making jewellery. For me this explains an approach to the world, and to making objects, rather than a strict set of skills employed in the production of wearable things. My aim is to reflect everyday habits and common beliefs, whilst challenging abiding perceptions of jewellery's status as a Decorative Art. Personal possessions are integral to the way an individual constructs an identity; we compose and communicate who we are through the things we own. In this context jewellery items are extremely valuable, not only in material and aesthetic terms but because they are key artefacts through which we establish a sense of self.

This site provides an overview of my work since 2003 [there is a small section with images of older pieces].

The IN PROGRESS section is updated with information about current projects, not all of which are jewellery focused.

DWFE is a disorganised experimental design syndicate founded by me, Jimmy Loizeau and Matt Ward.

There is a CV here.

laurajpotter at hotmail dot com

The majority of images featured on this site were taken by Matt Ward. Other photographers are credited where necessary.