Laura Potter

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The Chromatists

During the early years of the 21st Century, as fears about climate change, global pollution and relentless economic collapse escalated, a series of prophetic splinter-cells broke away from the World’s major religions. These ‘detachments’ shared a similarly bleak apocalyptic world-view, but each had its own specifically rooted prophecies and beliefs.

One such group, known as The Chromatists, maintained that consumer advertising and packaging used colour to communicate covertly. They believed that, when subjected to detailed analysis, a product’s commercial infographics and legislative labelling could be used to discern a series of important prophecies predicting the impending demise of the human race.

The Chromatists believed that polystyrene was the beast of Revelation (Revelation 13:15–18) and that the mark of the beast was actually derived from its International resin code. They were convinced that polystyrene, which since 1988 had been labelled ‘6’ according to the SPI resin identification coding system, was in fact the manmade expression of the biblical beast. They maintained that if the number ‘6’ were printed using a 3-colour printing system (CMY), three digits could in fact be overlaid to form a single 'black' one (not truly black, but black enough). Using their chromatic method of analysis, the SPI code for polystyrene might therefore be understood as;

6 + 6 + 6 = 6