Laura Potter

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MILAN=BOOM: Installation

In April 2012 DWFE conducted the second public iteration of the project Recreational Bombs. MILAN=BOOM was part of Hacked Milan, April 16th-20th 2012, la Rinascente, Piazza Duomo, Milan.

Hacked is an experimental programme of live activities, events, installations, performances and workshops. The events – from scientific experiments and food design banquets to choreographed performances – will take place at least three times a day, offering visitors arresting, interactive, visceral, playful, futuristic, scientific, choreographic, and informative, but always designed, experiences.

An installation by DWFE will transport the participants into a cinematic reality: they will crawl through a network of tunnels and asked to fulfill a heart-stopping task.

Note: Matt Wood is Italian for Matt Ward