Laura Potter

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Memoranda: Exhibition

A memorandum is a communication that aids the memory by recording events or observations on a topic. Memoranda are agreements, reminders, plans that refer to the past to inform the future, curators Tessa Peters and Janice West contend in this exhibition that craft objects offer an excellent opportunity to study the transfer or recreation of memory through artefacts. Innovative artworks by contemporary makers are shown to interrogate the complex ideas that objects can carry.

I made a number of new works for this show, including the piece To be opened in the event of my death. An incomplete archive of unfinished ideas, the major new work for Memoranda, is described in detail here. The book which was published to accompany this exhibition is available to purchase from Amazon.

Artists: Maisie Broadhead, Stephen Dixon, Laura Potter, Elaine Wilson
Plus selected materials from the Crafts Study Centre archive

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Craft Study Centre
University for the Creative Arts
Falkner Street
Surrey GU9 7DS
Exhibition Dates
26 July to 1 October 2011