Laura Potter

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12 Cabinets: Exhibition

12 Cabinets at Bank Street Arts (Sheffield) was both homage to and critique of the IKEA glass cabinet, which has become a staple fixture within craft shops and galleries across the UK. 12 Jewellers were allocated a Detolf cabinet each and were asked to orchestrate the entire contents: the items, the display, the sale price and gallery commission. Participants were given complete control over their cabinet and the way in which 'selling' should be accommodated within the overall scheme: how to fill in the gaps.

My contribution was the IKEA Wax Works, a mini work-station for the manufacture, display and packaging of jewellery pieces. The rings and brooches were modelled in wax, using IKEA products as tools and jigs (a mug, tin opener and garlic press) before being cast in silver. The tools were all stored in the middle section; the top section was a display shelf and the bottom bracket held the packaging (brown boxes and shredded IKEA catalogues).